400,000 Ninjas in DC Go Unnoticed

Year five searching for counter-protesters at the March for Life . . .

. . . supplies are running low. I will have to quit soon.

In what can only be described as an ocean of people I’ve kept my eyes peeled for the elusive counter-protestors so abundant in the news regarding the March for Life. In five years I’ve never seen even one such solitary soul. However, CBS’s people-finding skills are apparently even more inadequate than my own considering that in their story on the march they somehow missed the 400,000 people protesting abortion – their entire photo gallery consists of shots of maybe a dozen counter-protestors . . .

Meanwhile, a little more investigative journalism would have revealed this:

Regardless of your views on abortion, this is a disturbing example of selective media blackout that should alarm anyone who cares about the integrity of our democratic process. Justice was never reached by keeping people ignorant.


CBS caves under pressure and adds picture of pro-lifers.


2 thoughts on “400,000 Ninjas in DC Go Unnoticed

  1. Went to the Youth Rally and Mass the morning of the March. 30,000 Catholic teens and they had to turn thousands more away because there was no room everyone who wanted to be there. Crazy that not a single journalist was in sight.

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