Over 1,000 Hits!

Democrazy has hit the Big K! As of 11:31:11 AM, today, the hit counter has broken the 1000 barrier – and it took only 18 days since this blog’s creation. Special thanks to Mark Shea for linking to my blog; I had a 656% increase in traffic last week mostly due to Mark’s “sponsorship” – thanks for sharing the wealth with the little guy! Also, thanks to Patrick Vandapool who now counts me among his comrades and Sonny Ramirez whose own blog was part of my inspiration for Democrazy. Check out their respective blogs; its all good stuff. Most importantly, however, thank you to my readers for putting up with me – I hope that you’ve found your time here so far worth your while.

I’m very excited that my voice in the virtual public square has received this much attention. I started this blog in order to add another genuine voice to the American political process too often overwhelmed by the doublespeak of self-serving politicians, political pundits, lobbyists and the like. It is only when normal, everyday voters stand up and make their voice heard that we can expect to have an impact and see our values reflected in our political system.

Next stop, 10,000!


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