The Distributist Review

Check out the Distributist Review today! This website is a great resource for information on distributist capitalism. This is “capitalism” without all that “greed is good” bull that is so troublesome for us Catholics. While in essence distributism is a capitalistic system it is in reality abundantly different than the “crony capitalism” or corporatism which plagues our country today. Instead of the capitalism of a sick republic which revolves around faceless corporations in bed with corrupted and overreaching government this is about a capitalism that enables the self-expression of each man’s unique talents and interests and allows each of us to exert our independence in a world where we depend on everyone for everything. More to follow on distributism, but until then check out the Distributist Review and enjoy.


5 thoughts on “The Distributist Review

    • The post linked to cedes that distributism is fundamentally “capitalism” but is misleading because it is antithetical in many ways to the more mainstream “greed is good” variety that most people associate with the term. When I think of capitalism I’ve always thought of something more akin to distributism so I’m not too eager to divorce the two in my thinking. I like the term “distributist capitalism” for explaining the school of thought to other conservatives (my primary readership here) for the same reason I like using “Catholic Christians” when talking apologetics with protestants. Catholicism is very different from Protestantism and many Protestants’ first reaction is that “Catholics aren’t Christian.” I want to highlight the differences while establishing that, yes, Catholics are Christians too so you should take us seriously. Likewise, many conservative capitalists won’t take distributism seriously because they think, well its about distributing and that’s socialism. Yet, distributism is very pro free market and I want to make that clear right off the bat. If I were talking to a liberal base however I would simply say “distributism” precisely because I don’t want my base to assume I’m talking about “greed is good” corporatism and write me off before I can explain myself.

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  2. I think the post, in its length of only 100 words, does a fair job of thumbnailing Distributism in a way that would make sense to a person who has not heard of it. Even the article that Phillip cites suggests that the language, not the tenets, is what trips people up on the subject. In the real world–in words that people actually hear–Distributism is conveyed best by associating it with “local/compassionate” capitalism.

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