Capitalism Divorced from Morality:

We didn’t abolish slavery we just outsourced it (or enable it as is the case with illegal immigrants in California or the Israel-occupied West Bank).


2 thoughts on “Capitalism Divorced from Morality:

    • I believe that a true capitalist society can be completely compatible with morality when the people who practice it are moral people who refrain from unjust practices. However, I don’t think the same thing can be said of communism or socialism – I think that both are immoral even as systems detached from fallen human nature in that they both rely on central planning to work – a concept that is fundamentally opposed to humanity’s nature of self-determination and desire for autonomy. Interestingly, I think that corporate America – as government and corporations get ever more entangled with each other – is trending towards this same centralization of power and wealth, thereby posing its own threat against human liberties.

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