Komen for the Cure Hates Women. Apparently.

In the wake of the Komen Foundation’s decision to cut its funding to Planned Parenthood a groundswell of opposition from the feminist camp has risen to denounce the move. The Komen Foundation’s mission to fight women’s cancers has in no way changed yet over at feministe.us the women’s health organization has been thoroughly denounced as putting “so-called “pro-life” values ahead of actual women’s lives” and promoting hostility towards women and female sexuality. I’ve never paid much attention to the Komen Foundation prior to the current controversy but I couldn’t help but resort to trolling feministe.us in the organization’s defense – and by trolling I mean leaving polite messages in their comments sections like:

While I understand why you’re upset that the Komen Foundation has cut its ties with Planned Parenthood it isn’t obligated to donate money to them. Fighting cancer is a noble endeavor and Komen doesn’t need to give money to Planned Parenthood in order to do something great for society. The fact of the matter is that the money that would have gone to PP will still go towards fighting women’s cancers because that’s what the Komen Foundation does. How exactly is this bad for women’s health?


According to this research article induced abortions pose a significant risk factor for breast cancer. Considering that Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the country and that the Komen Foundation’s mission is to fight breast cancer then wouldn’t it be reasonable to suggest that Komen may actually be cutting their funding to PP specifically with women’s health in mind? I understand that Komen’s donations to PP are meant for breast cancer screenings but their fungibility lends to the promotion of abortion services which is counterproductive to the foundation’s goal of fighting breast cancer. To suggest that the Komen Foundation is hostile towards women just seems a little absurd to me in this light.

Yes, that’s what constitutes “trolling” for me, but what can I say? I’m much too nice a guy to resort to real trolling even anonymously on the internet. Although I guess its like being bad at World of Warcraft: not being good at it is actually a plus. Zing!

Anyway, back on topic. In addition to the link between induced abortion and breast cancer (which is controversial within the healthcare community so it may or may not be true), hormonal contraception is a group 1 known carcinogen same as cigarette tobacco. Planned Parenthood distributes millions of doses of contraception every year. Susan G. Komen supports the eradication of breast cancer. Therefore, in the mission against breast cancer it makes perfect sense for Komen to defund Planned Parenthood.

I find the lack of solidarity concerning women’s health care disturbing. I mean, is Planned Parenthood so sacred that organizations like the Komen Foundation must support it, even if it means compromising their own mission of fighting breast cancer, or be ostracized by feminists? Is this really about what’s best for women or is this about an ideology that if you don’t support the PP golden calf then you hate women, Even if you’ve raised 1.9 billion for women’s health? I stand with Komen for the Cure and you can too.


One thought on “Komen for the Cure Hates Women. Apparently.

  1. Great article. It is crazy what they are doing to the Komen Foundation. If people would take a moment and step back, look at the facts, they would find that Komen’s decision was the right one. And also contrary to popular belief, the “screenings” that PP do are the smallest part of their business.

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