Indefinite Detention Already Being Enforced

Republicans gave us the NDAA provision authorizing indefinite detention, including US citizens, without trial. However, the passage of NDAA was a bipartisan effort and it was our Democratic president who signed it into law, though he promised never to use his newly attained power to detain Americans indefinitely. Now, merely one month after the bill’s passage the provision is being enforced in order to justify the continued indefinite detention without trial and torture of a prisoner at Gauntanamo Bay.

Now, members of the same Republican party who gave us the NDAA in the first place want to repeal that provision.

I hope the provision is repealed. However, this should serve as a glaring example that, for all the talk of Left versus Right, our leaders have no problem engaging in bipartisanship when it comes to stripping the common man of his rights in order to augment their own power. It should be clear to anyone that our ruling class is now concerned only with representing themselves – not the constituencies that voted them into power in the first place. The good news is that the flow of power can only become so top-heavy before it will inevitably tumble, and when it does than perhaps our government may return to its original purpose of defending liberty, justice and virtue and not making fat men fatter.


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