SOPA: Back from the Dead?

Both SOPA and PIPA, the recent bills meant to censor the internet, have flopped tremendously – thanks largely to massive protest from all over the internet itself. However, Washington lawmakers don’t seem to be giving up so easily as a new bill meant to censor the internet, which has yet to be released to the public, is now in the works. According to RT news:

However some leaks suggest that the bill will grant the authority to crack down on the Internet to the executive branch of power, namely the White House. It looks highly possible taking into consideration that the legislation has to come out of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, chaired by Connecticut Independent Sen. Joe Lieberman.

The same Lieberman who earlier co-sponsored the so called Kill Switch bill that could allow the president of the United States to “declare a cybersecurity emergency,” and practically shut down the Internet.

While all this remains speculation at this early stage of development it remains a disturbing turn of events. I can’t know Lieberman’s mind, but if this truly is SOPA/Kill Switch under a new name then it would seem that the congressman has abandoned any intent of actually representing his constituency. The American people have been clear in their opposition to SOPA and internet censoring; however, despite SOPA’s failure in the face of popular opposition Lieberman seems intent on making every attempt to pass legislation that the populace at large does not want. Every public servant who would press on with this kind of legislation betrays the American people – whether the price of their treachery be to win the favor of special-interest groups or their own arrogant ideology who can say.

This isn’t Right versus Left; Democrats and Republicans have no qualms when it comes to bipartisanship on a multitude of issues but when it comes to working with the American people? Well, politicians like Lieberman seem intent on fighting the populace to the very grave. Our ruling class at large has made it quite clear that they consider the common man their greatest opposition – which is sad since we’re the very ones that they’re historically meant to represent and fight for, not against.


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