America Divided: Dems Hate Taxes, Love Puppies; GOP Loves Puppies, Hates Taxes

except for Ron Paul, he doesn't sugarcoat his position on puppies (click pic and skip to 9:09)

According to Gerald Celente, the founder of the Trends Research Institute and publisher of the Trends Journal, 2012 will not be a battle of Left versus Right but a battle of the will of the people versus the will of our government. Criticizing the state of our two-party system he states:

The presidential race in the US won’t bring much change because again it is going to be another pick of a “lesser of two evils”. Even Barack Obama might win a second term despite all the broken promises he gave the American nation that once fully supported him.

You needn’t look any further than the recently installed NDAA to find evidence of our bipartisan disaster. Spearheaded by Republicans in Congress, its passing only made possible by strong Democrat participation and signed into law by Barack Obama the NDAA represents a diabolical tool allowing circumvention of our constitution and expansion of executive power. Celente made the following comments regarding the bill:

Now that President Obama has signed the National Defense Authorization Act, those Americans who speak out against the elected officials might get prison time. There is no need to be a terrorist suspect any more, being belligerent – as written in the Act – is more than enough to be taken away.

“You have no judge, you have no jury, you have no trial, you don’t have charges filed against you, the military can come in and take someone “belligerent” away to lock up in detention,” Celente slams.

“No lawyer, no habeas corpus – it is the ‘bill of no rights’ signed by President Obama,” the forecaster boils, explaining that now the military is allowed to take somebody they “like the Gestapo” choose to be an anti-American or working with terrorists.

Now, one could certainly argue that the NDAA signifies one isolated incident and, as bad as it might be, one solitary bill signed into law doesn’t reflect on our entire political system. Well, if only that were the case. Unfortunately, however, the NDAA is a small part in a much grander trend saturating American politics. From repeated attempts to control the internet, the recent HHS mandate infringing upon religious freedom, to the enemy expatriation act, police brutality, and local police War Rooms, all just to name a few recent developments, the dynamo of opposing powers is rapidly shifting to the American people versus their very own government.

Promoting a politically active citizenry who will stand up for life, liberty and the pursuit of property for everyone is more important now than ever before – and it starts with each one of us individually. Get out, vote, be heard and be not afraid.


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