Violence Continues in Protest to Koran Burning

I wrote a couple of days ago about how US military forces in Afghanistan burned copies of the Koran and the Afghan protests that ensued. In response to the protests and the subsequent deaths of two US soldiers Gingrich stated that it is Afghanistan who must apologize to the United States. However, while the killings of the two US soldiers is tragic and in no way justified, I think that it is quite clear that the Afghan people are the real victims here.

As I’ve already pointed out, we are in a war of aggression against Afghanistan. We invaded their country, we have occupied their lands for years and we have committed numerous abuses at the expense of the Afghan people. This is about more than just book burning. At least two Afghans have been killed as protests that have rocked the country have now passed their sixth day. Clashes between law enforcement and rioters have already left more than 30 people dead and hundreds injured according to Russia Today. Afghanistan has put up with over-aggressive American ultranationalism for a long, long time and their outrage is boiling over. Leaders on both sides have petitioned for an end to the violence but the sad reality is that the Afghan people can never know peace until we end our military occupation of their homeland.


2 thoughts on “Violence Continues in Protest to Koran Burning

  1. “We invaded their country, we have occupied their lands for years…”

    “For years”? Meanwhile, the Japanese and Germans (not to mention much of the rest of Western Europe and South Korea to boot) continue to meekly submit to continuing occupation of their homelands–how long has that been ongoing? Something like, over 60 years already? Perhaps some peoples are more patient than others when it comes to enduring the Oh-So-Horrible American Military Boot upon their necks? Well, go figure….

    “over-aggressive American ultranationalism”

    Oh, good grief… You can’t possibly be serious? I’m hard-pressed to imagine any sensible or reasonably-informed person [sincerely]saying such a thing out loud with a straight face….

  2. 1. The degree of American intervention in countries like Germany is not even comparable to what we’re doing in the Middle East. Secondly, as you said, we’ve been in these countries for 60 years. Its completely unnecessary: its a waste of our resources, it undermines the sovereignty of these nations and we need to leave.

    2. You have a very limited imagination.

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