Senate: Subsidizing Contraceptives More Important than Constitutional Rights

Yesterday, the Blunt Amendment, meant to protect religious liberty of those buying health insurance, was defeated by the Senate 51 – 48. For the full story and a list of each vote go here.

Regarding the Blunt Amendment, Marjorie Dannenfelser of the Susan B. Anthony List stated:

“The Blunt Amendment would amend Obamacare to protect the conscience rights of those who purchase or provide health insurance. This is needed because of the mandate issued by President Obama and Secretary Sebelius that virtually all employers, including religiously affiliated hospitals and schools, and even pro-life organizations such as the SBA List, must purchase health insurance plans that cover abortion inducing drugs and sterilization,” she said. “We cannot let the Obama administration trample on our consciences or our Constitutionally guaranteed religious liberty.”

Three Democrats had the audacity to cross party lines and vote in favor of the amendment. To them I say, kudos. However, thirteen self-described Catholic senators voted against the amendment, opting instead to put their own tribal loyalties ahead of their faith, the constitution, and the integral rights of the very people they are meant to serve. In defeating the Blunt amendment our Congress adds yet another betrayal to their growing list of offenses against the American people which includes the PATRIOT Act and the NDAA.


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