American Exceptionalism? Or Tyranny in Disguise?

Radio Host Michael Medved cannot explain why other countries like China can be perfectly safe without bases around the world but the United States must have them in order to be safe. He cannot defend the militaristic- interventionist policy and instead tries to sidetrack the discussion by making slanderous attacks on Ron Paul.

America is exceptional but not in the way that Medved demands. We have no basis upon which to demand that other nations compromise their sovereignty to us so that we can be the police force of the world. We have no moral high ground that justifies our wars of aggression because no such justification exists. There exists a world market but it exists despite military interventionism, not because of it. Instead, what is needed in order to maintain the world market is free trade, something that Ron Paul and non-interventionist policies wholeheartedly support.

Contrast that with the numerous sanctions and embargoes, necessitated by Medved’s ideology, which directly inhibit international free trade. Serial war and occupation goes even further, naturally obstructing the free world market to say nothing of the widespread destruction it inflicts – think of Iraq, for example, where hundreds of thousands were killed and over 4 million Iraqis were displaced in what was possibly the largest refugee crisis in history; is this what makes us so invaluable to the world economy? That we remove these seemingly “expendable” players like Iraq from the world market, crippling their economy for decades to come? One might also wonder, if Medved’s assertions were true, why does the world market flounder with all of Europe on the verge of bankruptcy when the United States has hundreds of bases around the world, a decades long history of CIA and military intervention in the Middle East, and spends more on its military than the next 14 highest military-spending countries combined?

America’s exceptionalism is a matter of degree, not kind. So we have the single largest GDP in the world? So we live in a country founded on the ideals of a republic and not on culture? So have the most powerful military in the world? So what. We are no different than our European, African, South American or Asian counterparts. Our Constitution recognizes what Medved does not: that all “persons” and not just U.S. citizens have certain inalienable rights endowed to us, not by the “exceptional” American government, but by our Creator. We have no authority over the other countries of the world and those who claim otherwise are the enemies of liberty. I’m an American but, even more fundamentally, I’m a human being, and I don’t like the taste of tyranny, Medved – even if its the United States of America who is the perpetrator . . . especially if it is the United States of America who is the perpetrator.


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