Its Time for Us to Go

While Obama has stated that he wants to stay in Afghanistan until at least 2014, Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has explicitly stated that “Afghanistan is ready to take overall security responsibility.” The people of Afghanistan are sick of us. They are sick of the over-a-decade occupation of their homeland by foreign troops, of abuses by our military like the desecration of the bodies of dead soldiers and inappropriate Koran burning, and they’re sick of Afghan civilians being murdered – especially the most recent massacre of 16 Afghans by a US soldier. President Karzai stated, “Our demand is that this process should be executed sharply and the responsibility should be handed over to to Afghans” by no later than 2013 and that international forces should “be withdrawn from villages and relocated in their bases.”

And the Afghan people are not the only ones that are sick of it. Americans are sick of perpetual war too. Osama Bin Laden is dead and it is time for us to go. Ron Paul has been saying this for years and, finally, others are slowly inching towards his point of view.

From the National Journal:

CHAMPAIGN, Ill.—Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul says that recent shifts by some of his rivals on the Afghanistan war are a sign that he’s “winning the fight” with his signature hands-off foreign policy.

Paul won standing ovations from some 4,600 people on Wednesday night at a University of Illinois rally–his largest turnout ever–for his calls to “bring our troops home!” He also told the crowd, made up mostly of college students, that “the other candidates on our side are saying we need to fight more wars.”

Asked by CBS News/National Journal about recent comments by Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum that the United States should review its commitment in Afghanistan and possibly back off, Paul replied, “It’s about time.”

“But they’re what we call chicken hawks. And they talk a lot, they push the wars, they themselves haven’t gone, and they don’t serve, and yet they … promote the wars,” he said of his rivals, who talk often of taking military action against Iran to keep it from getting a nuclear weapon.

“Sure, the politics are changing, and that’s great. We’re changing people’s minds. The American people are sick and tired of it,” Paul said. “And like I mentioned in my speech, I spent five years trying to prevent the war in Iraq. So if they want to come on board now, fine and dandy. That means we’re winning the fight.”

Paul got chuckles from the gaggle of journalists and close supporters backstage when one reporter asked how he plans to bring home the troops. “By ship,” he said.

A new Gallup Poll shows half of Americans back a faster pullout of troops from Afghanistan than President Obama’s timetable of completing a withdrawal by the end of 2014.

(emphasis mine)



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