Silent Suffering: How Fathers are Forced to Standby as their Children Die

This is a follow-up post to The Abortioneers: Deadbeat Dads are “Great Advocates” for Abortion.

Last week I wrote about an article entitled “Silent Suffering” by The Abortioneers on their advocacy of deadbeat dads as “great advocates” for contraception and the pro-abortion “feminist” movement. The Abortioneers in their own words:

In my own personal life, I’ve noticed sympathy from men and the odd Facebook mention of how lame this whole thing is, but not a whole lot of activity from well-wishing men who themselves would probably really like to prevent pregnancy. Which is odd, because at the end of the day, aren’t men really more pro-no-babies than women anyway? Think about it! How many women have we heard from in clinics or on hotlines, who simply can’t get the time of the day from their baby daddies? Don’t you think these men, deadbeats though they may be, would make great advocates for increased access to contraception? Even if just to keep their pregnant partners off their backs?

However, Live Action News recently ran an opinion piece on the genuine silent suffering of real men. It reads, in part:

I can’t recall if I first heard about him through an e-mail or a phone call. But I know that when I spoke to him on the phone, he was desperate. A normal working father who already had three other children, he wanted to know if there was something he could do to stop his wife from killing one of their children.

Now, if I stopped here with the details of my story and let you ponder the paragraph above, you would understandably be horrified. Why would a mother want to kill her youngest child? Why would the father have to call for outside help to stop her? Do nightmares like this actually happen?

Yes. They do. All the time. But the detail I left out is that this father’s youngest child was unborn. Although he and his wife had agreed to have this child – had both wanted this child – she changed her mind one day. And there was nothing he could do about it. Until a baby is born, a father has exactly no say and no rights in whether that child lives or dies.

Though I did what I could to help this father (I had a wonderful counselor talk to his wife and got a great attorney to help him), in the end, his baby was killed anyway. In a heartbreaking turn of events, the mother canceled her first abortion appointment only to schedule another one later on. The baby never had a chance. This situation remains one of the most horrible and discouraging things I have ever been involved with in my life.

While The Abortioneers are busy talking up the “silent suffering” of deadbeat dads, I’m more concerned about the silent suffering of the fathers who love and want their unborn children but are forced to stand by helplessly when their child is killed. Where is their voice? These men, often welcomed by pro-lifers, have been shunned or ignored by the pro-choice crowd. What choice did they have in the future of their children?


2 thoughts on “Silent Suffering: How Fathers are Forced to Standby as their Children Die

  1. It’s horrible how pro-choicers say that men should have no say in abortion (unless, of course, they are on the pro-choice side). Unborn children belong just as much to fathers as they do to mothers.

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