The ‘Inevitability’ Vote

Thomas Sowell on why Romney is “winning” for precisely all the wrong reasons:

Romney spends more money on his campaign than all of his rivals combined yet he can barely keep ahead of decidedly underdog Santorum. Why? Because Santorum has a vision, one that resonates with many people and, no matter how objectively flawed that vision may be, that’s more than flip-flopping, robotic Romney has. The one thing Romney has is the perception of “inevitability” and all the Republican votes that that buys. If Romney, with all of his money and “inevitability” can barely compete with the less organized, underfunded Santorum how can he possibly compete against a better funded, better organized, more charismatic and more visionary opponent like Obama? He won’t; he will be crushed.

As Thomas Sowell puts it:

The biggest fighting issue for Republicans is Obamacare. Can the author of Romneycare as governor of Massachusetts make that an effective issue by splitting hairs over state versus federal mandates? Can a man who has been defensive about his own wealth fight off the standard class warfare of Barack Obama, who can push all the demagogic buttons against Mitt Romney as one of the 1 percenters?

It is truer in this election than in most that “it takes a candidate to beat a candidate.” And that candidate has to offer both himself and his vision. Massive ad campaigns against rivals is not a vision.

Some, like President Bush 41, disdained “the vision thing” — and he lost the presidency that he had inherited from Ronald Reagan, lost it to a virtual unknown from Arkansas.

The vision matters, more than the polls and even more than incumbency in the White House.

Moral of the story: vote ideologically, not strategically. Because “inevitability” is a mirage.

Ron Paul 2012.


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