“Pro-Lifers: Please Just Admit You Hate Women Already”

Jennifer Keslar of The Hathor Legacy begs pro-lifers to just admit that they hate women already, stating:

Please, people, just admit that you hate women and want them to learn their place already. Your misogyny is so obvious. Admit it to yourself, and either own it, or get some counseling to figure out why you hate women so much. And yes, many of these misogynists are women. It’s called internalized oppression. Don’t ever think that because someone is in a marginalized group, they can’t rather amusingly find ways to identify with their oppressors to avoid recognizing their own oppression – or just to make their lives more comfortable.

In her article, Keslar is obsessed with the notion that women have no value but fails to provide a single shred of evidence that that is what pro-lifers believe or any philosophical underpinnings as to how, exactly, anti-abortion sentiments necessitate misogyny. In fact, the only quote from an actual “woman-hating” pro-lifer is from a female OB-GYN embracing the inherent value of all human beings. Without any grounds to stand on, finally resorting to the “women who disagree with me do so because they’re CRAZY!” defense as illustrated above is no argument at all.

Rep. Babette Josephs goes even further with a common critique she gives about her female colleagues in the House involved in anti-abortion legislation.

“They must believe that [their constituents] are not capable of making their own health care choices, but they are capable of voting on bills that control all of our behavior…I don’t understand it … I don’t believe they’re really women. … I believe they’re men with breasts.

Faced with such a crass insult questioning how truly-true her female colleagues are in their womanhood I ask, who’s really the misogynist here? Is it the “crazy” women who supposedly hate themselves but just don’t know it? Or is it the women who demand allegiance to their own ideologies, resorting to asinine verbal abuse against any women who doesn’t fall in line? Is that supposed to be liberating?

Simcha Fisher also does an analysis of Josephs’ statement:

But the thing that strikes me about her remarks is how anti-man they are—not just anti-pro-life-man, but anti-men-in-general.  Calling your opponent “men with breasts” implies that all men are, by definition, the enemy.  It’s like saying “the devil in disguise” or “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”  It assumes that the worst thing you can say about a woman is that she’s like a man.

If Josephs just wants equality for women aren’t there plenty of men out there that share her views? Yet, her comments suggest that, no, men are inherently evil, they naturally want to oppress women. The only way to bring women up is to tear men down.

I disagree. I want what’s best – for everyone. That means finding solidarity between groups, whether they be men and women, Catholics and Protestants, Israelis and Iranians. We should be working together to lift everyone up – not tearing others down to your level. So, men, stop treating women like objects; grow a pair and stop being selfish. Women, stop trying to emasculate us. We’re going to blow stuff up and that’s fine.

And, dammit, lets stop killing the babies.


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