Nazi Concordat Had Broader Religious Exemption Than HHS Mandate

At The Turn of the Tide writes about how the fascist Nazi party was more lenient towards the religiously opposed Catholic church than is the modern-day Obama administration:

An interesting little historical note.  The proposed HHS mandate on contraception includes a narrow religious exemptioneven under the recently announced accommodation.  Excerpts:

…The mandate includes a limited religious exemption that only applies to non-profit organizations that exist to inculcate religious values and that serve and employ primarily members of their own faith.  The narrow scope of the exemption sparked outcry because most religious groups and even some churches would fail to qualify for it…

The 1933 concordat between Germany and the Holy See, the result of negotiations with the Weimar Republic and concluded after the Nazis were voted into power, had the following clause included:

Those Catholic organizations and societies which pursue exclusively charitable, cultural or religious ends, and, as such, are placed under the ecclesiastical authorities, will be protected in their institutions and activities.

Those Catholic organizations which to their religious, cultural and charitable pursuits add others, such as social or professional interests, even though they may be brought into national organizations, are to enjoy the protection of Article 31, Section I, provided they guarantee to develop their activities outside all political parties.

Now, as we all know, the Nazis violated the concordat time and again whenever they felt like it–but it’s still…I dunno, odd? Telling? That the Catholic Church was able to get such a thing in writing from the Nazis, but not from the current administration.

For more on the Church, Pope Pius XII, and the Nazis, see here. And the former director of the the International Affairs Department of the Anti-Defamation League discusses Pius XII and the Jews here.


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