An Idea Whose Time Has Come

“You can resist an invading army; you cannot resist an idea whose time has come.” – Victor Hugo

As candidates systematically drop out of this presidential race they slip into obscurity. Whoever loses in November will join them. Ron Paul, however, will not. Sure, his face will fade out of the media spotlight (what little he’s been rationed to begin with that is) but while the impact of Rick Perry’s or Michele Bachmann’s or even Rick Santorum’s bids for the Presidency will hardly rippled beyond 2012, Ron Paul has successfully brought a grassroots movement to the American political front line and, long after Ron Paul is gone, the young people who supported him will remain to challenge the political establishment and their soulless, progressive corporatism. Ron Paul risks his political career, not in a crazy gamble for the Presidency but because, even in losing, the pursuit of liberty will continue, led by a new generation of inspired patriots.

What if politics didn’t have to be about trivial party loyalties? What if it didn’t have to be about “taking one for the team”? What if it didn’t have to be about granting special exemptions to politically connected corporations or politicians trading hand-outs for votes?

What if, instead, politics were based in principle? What if we had a constitutional government that protected liberty and served the common good and not just the good of busybodies lobbying Congress? What if, instead of passing on generations worth of debt, we could hand down a prosperous, fiscally responsible country to our children? One that actually cares about children and protects them under the law instead of killing them in the womb?

We can have that, but only if we as voters vote strictly according to our beliefs and not based on the “strategy” dictated to us by the old guard.

We can have that, but only if we conserve our votes for politicians dedicated to following the constitution and willing to risk their political careers on principle.

Uncompromising, principled, informed: we as voters must be all of these and stop putting our faith in self-appointed saviors, thinking “this time, the right side will win the election and then everything will get better”. Instead, we must rely on each other. Because a country is only as strong as its citizens and we deserve whomever we elect.


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