Down with the Two-Party System

The Iowa Electronic Markets, a forecast tool that employs a betting system with real money so that participants must “put their money where their mouth is,” so to speak, has consistently out-performed the Rasmussen report in predicting election results for decades.

The IEM puts the odds for Obama’s reelection at over 60%. This is despite the fact that, according to the Rasmussen Report’s daily tracking poll 39% of voters strongly disapprove of Obama’s job performance while only 25% strongly approve. So while the majority of Americans disapprove of Obama’s performance in office they’d rather have even our current train-wreck of a president over Mitt Romney.

When both of the men most likely to be elected President in November, head and shoulders above any other prospective or third-party candidate, are despised by the American citizenry at large but one of them will most certainly be president then do we even have any semblance of a democratic process anymore? Or are we just play-acting at a democracy now?

This is precisely why we need more options than a two-party system affords.


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