I’m a Franciscan Graduate and I Stand with my Alma Mater Against Obamacare

My undergraduate career has ended and I now have my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. I’ll have some more time to commit to this blog now, at least until late June at which point I’ll be flying up to Alaska for summer work.

In addition to graduating this past week, my now Alma mater announced that they will be dropping their health coverage for students because, due to Obamacare, such coverage will now be mandated to cover birth control in violation of Catholic conscience and will also cause the costs of student health insurance to triple.

Mike Hernon, the school’s vice president of advancement, stated, “This is putting people in a position where they are having to choose between their faith and their morality, and now an unjust cost, these sorts of regulations from the government are forcing our hand in a way that’s really wrong.”

Hernon also told Fox News on Wednesday that the changes represented a “moral and economic injustice.”

While the left condemns the move as extreme, citing ad nauseum that 98% of Catholic women use contraception I stand with Franciscan University as does the overwhelming majority of its student body, men and women both. Because, as Mike Hernon put it, just because everyone might say that something is okay doesn’t make it morally acceptable.


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