Israel may Strike Iran Before Election Day

While politicians continue to insist that Iran is a threat that requires military intervention it turns out that, for anyone not interested in yet another decade long war in the Middle East, Israel is who we need to worry about.

“There is no need to tell us what to do, and we have no reason to panic. Israel is very, very strong, but we do know that the Iranians are accomplished chess players and will try to achieve nuclear capabilities,” reads a translated statement from Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak delivered this week in Hebrew. “Our position has not changed. The world must stop Iran from becoming nuclear. All options remain on the table.”

“All options on the table,” for those who are unfamiliar, is political code for “preemptive military strike” which is an act of aggression and in direct violation of Christian just war doctrine. Many Catholic politicians have, unfortunately, attempted to circumvent the doctrine by stating that the prospect of Iran going nuclear justifies military intervention but, unfortunately for them, the USCCB has categorically shot down the notion that such justification is in any way in accord with just war doctrine:

“In Catholic teaching, the use of force must always be a last resort. Iran’s bellicose statements, its failure to be transparent about its nuclear program and its possible acquisition of nuclear weapons are serious matters, but in themselves they do not justify military action.”

“Discussing or promoting military options at this time is unwise and may be counterproductive. Actual or threatened military strikes are likely to strengthen the regime in power in Iran and would further marginalize those in Iran who want to abide by international norms. And, as the experience in Iraq teaches, the use of force can have many unintended consequences.”


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