On the “Charity” of Collectivism

According to Pope Leo XIII in his encyclical Libertas the freedom that really matters is that which allows us to follow the natural law. That is, that freedom which opens the path to doing good. Freedom is a means to an end and that end is virtue.

There is no virtue in doing good with property that you forcibly took from others and there is no virtue in being forced to give up your property for the benefit of others. Virtue requires freedom as its prerequisite: our society can only be virtuous if it chooses to act virtuously. The bigger the government, the harder that becomes and the harder that becomes the less reason that society will have to continue. Eliminate virtue and society will find that it has very little to live for: hedonism fills the void left by charity and that bloodless creed degrades into nihilism. And, once society believes nothing (or everything) that is the moment in which society must inevitably collapse. You may ask, but what about the poor? Eliminate virtue and its only a matter of time before everyone is poor. Our greatest weapon against poverty is Christian love, not government; let us remember that before it is too late.








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