Wise Men Admit They Were Fools

Milton Friedman began as a Keynesian, Thomas Sowell started out as a Marxist. What separates them from the socialists and neo-cons, however, is that they learned from their mistakes. They sought out other opinions and, while it was a gradual process over many years, they were ultimately receptive to the truth and they had the humility and wisdom to admit how foolish they were.

Friedrich von Hayek put it best when he said “We shall not grow wiser before we learn that much that we have done was very foolish.” In fact, I got that quote from Thomas Sowell’s book, Basic Economics. Its a message he really took to heart, apparently.

Now compare that to the ignorant confidence of Obama or the indifference of Romney.

I’m not asking for perfect candidates. I mean, some of the men that I admire most in life are a former Keynesian, a former Marxist and a semi-Randian (no, not Paul Ryan). What I am asking for, however, are men and women with enough integrity to seek the truth and to openly admit when they are wrong.


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