How Pro-Choice are Democrats?

The Democratic party holds the principle of “choice” to be sacrosanct . . . that is, so long as they pre-approve it first. If its not in line with the liberal agenda then its not really a “choice” and the not-as-smart non-Democrats must be protected by their benevolent government from trans fats, soft drinks and charter schools. After all, “Government is the only thing that we all belong to.” Meanwhile, if you want to abort your baby or have sex with strangers then you’re assumed to be a genius who can only make good decisions, oh, excuse me, I mean “decisions with good results.”

This is what happens when public policy is driven by “the triumph of the human spirit” and government fiat (both of which really just break down to might makes right) instead of Natural Law, human rights, liberty, virtue and legitimate rule of law, a.k.a the constitution.


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