In Case Anyone is Still Hoping That the GOP Will Save Them . . .

Its not going to happen. Obama winning the election means very little because his opponent’s policies were hardly distinguishable from his own anyway. And now Republican leadership has given up any pretense of a meaningful difference as House Speaker John Boehner has pledged to cooperate with Obamacare. When Republicans can “sleep like a baby” knowing that Obama won and promise “never to give up on this president” then it is reasonable to conclude that the politics of the Democrat and Republican parties are not driven by opposing ideologies, perhaps one designated as on the “left” and the other as on the “right”, but by a shared political expediency that has no interest in “bettering America” but solely in furthering politicians’ careers.

Nothing is going to get better through politics because politics follows culture. Obama, Romney, Boehner, Pelosi and the rest are not “leaders”, they are followers. They follow whatever will get them into office and keep them there and that is determined by culture. If we want to see a more moral, prosperous and responsible nation then we must live our lives and raise our children that way. Being a good husband or wife, a good father or mother, is infinitely more important than being a good Republican or Democrat. Our votes will not determine our country’s future but how we live our lives will.


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