Object to Birth Control? Congratulations, You’re Guilty of Violating Human Rights, Says UN.

UN report: Religious objections to contraception and abortifacients violate human rights.

So in other words, according to the UN, the basic human rights of freedom of religion and freedom of speech violate basic human rights – and by “human rights” they mean ingesting particular chemical compounds. Making sure everyone is on a pill is more important than protecting their rights to say and believe what they want.

This development should disturb everyone, including supporters of birth control because what this means is that the UN is willing to protect your rights only insofar as you agree with them and that represents the beginning of the abolition of all rights. If you’re rights are only granted protection under selective conditions then they cease to be “rights” in the eyes of the State and become mere privileges granted to some and withheld from others.

What really scares me is that the UNFPA’s 2012 annual report, which declared birth control a “human right,” states that UN general comments are “the authoritative interpretation of the standards” that “help translate the right to family planning at the abstract…level into policies and programs.”

When human institutions like the UN declare themselves the ultimate moral authority on what constitutes a right and what actions or even thoughts violate those defined rights then all genuine rule of law has broken down and all that remains is an advantage of the stronger: whoever is in charge makes the rules. Anyone who objects is guilty of crimes against humanity.

It is the role of the state, not to continually redefine our rights in some attempt to “evolve” our understanding, but to recognize human nature as an unchanging thing, to view our rights as “self-evident” and to protect our rights universally. Contrary to viewing objections to contraceptives and abortifacients as a “violation of human rights” it must be recognized, regardless of personal disagreement, as the free exercise of our rights, and therefore these objections must be acknowledged and dutifully protected under the law.


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