The Republican Party Continues to Self-Destruct . . .

. . . as its party leaders  “drop social issues important to conservatives” – in this particular case, abortion. Its necessary, according to John McCain, to stand down on peripheral issues like our government’s endorsement of the murders of over 50 million pre-born children so that the Republican Party can win and effect change where it is really needed: in the economy and national security. Unfortunately, not only are these issues of lesser importance, but Republicans have shown themselves to be increasingly bad on both over the years. Far from promoting a free market and protecting everyone’s rights equally, the Republican Party has chosen instead to embrace a corporatist agenda with bailouts for big business, tax-cuts for the rich (I think any federal tax cut is a good thing but, really, there are bigger economic issues than protecting those who are already the most equipped to protect and take care of themselves) and by expanding Medicare. Speaker of the House, John Boehner, has even pledged to stand down and cooperate with Obamacare as the law of the land. On national security, Republicans have been even worse, systematically stripping American citizens of their rights, most notably with their support of the Patriot Act and then again with the NDAA. Furthermore, the GOP has embraced a foreign policy that violates Just War Doctrine and has oppressed millions around the world, Romney endorsed President Obama’s drone strike program and executive kill list, and the GOP has been obstinate in increasing our military spending despite our already bloated military budget and insane debt – all in the name of “security”.

The result of these changes in the Republican party over the decades is that the line between Republican and Democrat has blurred making any possible distinction largely irrelevant. Let me repeat that, by abandoning pro-life and pro-family values and by embracing economic central planning and using war as a tool to spread Americanist ideology around the world the Republican party has rendered itself irrelevant. When John McCain states that the GOP needs a “bigger tent” the underlying mantra seems to be, “we’re all Democrats now.” This message is made even clearer by the fact that, while Republican leaders like McCain talk about establishing a “bigger tent”, the GOP has worked very hard to shut out some of the most staunchly conservative people in this country.

Don’t get me wrong though, if you are pro-life McCain and others like him still want your vote. In fact, they’ll tell you that you absolutely must vote for them if you care at all about protecting innocent children and if you don’t vote for them then your actions actually support abortion. Meanwhile, don’t expect McCain to actually do anything to help defenseless infants other than “state my position on abortion, but other than that, leave the issue alone.”

Contrary to rising to the challenge of a second Obama term the GOP has thrown in the towel and taken the lukewarm stance of “we need to be more like that guy – but just a little! We don’t want to abandon our party principles.” But is stating your personal opinion and then willfully cooperating in practice with an administration that diametrically opposes those beliefs really going to inspire anyone to vote Republican? Perhaps worse, even if this limp-handed and, frankly, duplicitous approach gets the GOP results can we actually expect any kind of real positive change from those who are so eager to give up on principle for the sake of political expediency? Can the GOP save us, even if they do, by some miracle, win next time ’round? Or can we expect abortion to remain the law of the land for another 40 years, perhaps with obamacare and maybe even “gay marriage” added to the list?


3 thoughts on “The Republican Party Continues to Self-Destruct . . .

  1. I think that our politicians need to remember we aren’t fans. The Republican Party and Democrat Party aren’t sports teams that we give loyalty to no matter what they do. If the Cubs change their basic composition (get a new pitcher, new manager, etc.) I’m still a Cubs fan. If a political party changes its basic composition, then it no longer has my interest.

    I don’t vote for McCain because I want McCain per se. I vote McCain because I trust he will put forward the principles and ideas that I would put forward myself, but for the republic system.

    Maybe some people do view the Republica/Democrat Parties like they view their sports teams. If that is the case, then we really all are Cubs fans.

  2. I recently heard a comment along the lines of “I wish the GOP would just align themselves with the Democrats so that a real conservative party has room to form.” If the GOP drops social issues (about the only real thing differentiating them from the Dems) then they will see a drop in support from those of us who vote primarily based on “conservative” social issues. I would be interested to see what kind of response, if any, National RTL will have to this.

    • Pro-life leaders like Jennifer Mason, communications director of Personhood USA, are already predicting the death of the Republican party. Mason states, “there is a Civil War brewing in the GOP, and it’s not pretty.” The GOP is so out-of-touch with reality, with their base and with Christian moral principles that they are sawing off the branch that they sit on. The GOP requires a complete reversal of the trends of Bush, McCain, Boehner, Romney and the like or it will only continue to spiral into obscurity. I have little hope for such a reversal, however, so I say good riddance. We need true conservatism based in Christendom and not lukewarm neo-con corporate welfare and global conquest with a blind eye and a whimper for anything “social”.

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