2012 Election Post-Analysis: What Are We to Do?

The 2012 presidential election is over and Republican candidate Mitt Romney lost. That means that it is now time for conservatives to reevaluate the Republican platform. Conjecture and plans for reform abound among the establishment GOP about why the GOP lost and what to do about it. Republican leaders at the very top believe that Republicans must accept Obamacare as the law of the land and drop social issues like abortion, adopting Democrat positions on these issues. All we need to do to win,  suggests McCain and other establishment Republicans, is to make ourselves more like the winners.

But isn’t that precisely what Romney did? Didn’t he abandon social issues when he stated his opinion on abortion but then left the issues alone, stating that he was against it (sometimes) but that he would not pursue any legislation whatsoever? What about when he compromised on same sex “marriage” and supported civil unions? He was silent on Obamacare’s HHS mandate and its violations of religious freedom much like Boehner is now, instead opting to focus on “the economy” and “national security” as McCain suggests.

Romney seemed to have foregone principle for political expediency, abandoning core conservative values in an attempt to establish a “bigger tent” as McCain put it, and now the party leaders want to double down on this proven failure as their path to victory.

But making the Stupid Party more like the Evil Party will not guarantee victory and it definitely won’t guarantee any positive change should such neoconservatives actually succeed. What it does guarantee is a party that is both stupid and evil.

For true conservatism based on Christian moral principles we must look outside the party establishment. For anyone looking for an election post-analysis and who might be wondering where the Republican party should go from here, Front Porch Republic columnist Jeff Taylor takes a long hard look at the GOP and gives it some tough love in his excellent analysis, What’s Wrong with the Republican Party?

The conclusion to be drawn from Jeff Taylor’s analysis and my own should be plain: unless the Republican party reverses the precedents set by Romney, McCain and other recent establishment Republicans then Christians will have little choice but to throw their support behind third-party candidates as their only viable option in defending and promoting Christian moral principles. Contrary to establishing a “bigger tent” we must make it clear to the GOP that by abandoning some of today’s most critical issues like abortion that pro-lifers will be forced to abandon it.


One thought on “2012 Election Post-Analysis: What Are We to Do?

  1. Now if you want to REALLY consider dark possibilities, well just read up on what Derbyshire has floated as a possible future. Or to quote Lee Kuan Yew, who was Prime Minister of Singapore for thirty years:

    In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.

    It is well possible that Christians will be moving to a 3rd party, as other religions move to their own and we all start pushing back and forth, voting this way and that… Just wait, there will be a party just for Christians (and for every other group). Then it’s possible compromising will get worse, not better, in the future.

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