Dear Republican Establishment

This is the face of conservatism:

And this is the face of a conservative:

Rand Paul is promoting a bill to “end abortion on demand once and for all.” It will probably fail but at least this man is doing something. Meanwhile, old-guard Republican leaders like John McCain look at our nearly 40 year history of abortion on-demand which has killed over 53 million pre-born children and says, “meh.” The Republican Party increasingly views abortion as an unnecessary and, frankly, damaging issue to their platform. Thus, for years, they’ve taken the tactical response of down-playing the issue, repeating “I’m pro-life” to their base and then turning around and whispering to independents “sometimes” or hinting that, hey, while I gotta say that I’m pro-life, I would never actually try anything to ban or restrict abortion if elected. Or they just avoid the issue completely. Really inspiring.

Now, establishment leaders are contemplating dropping the issue altogether.

So, who’s really conservative here? The quixotic Republican who wants to defend the defenseless? Or the Republican political elite who want a “bigger tent”?


One thought on “Dear Republican Establishment

  1. Related (though one may have to think about it a minute), I bring up this discussion with O’Sullivan & Goldberg. They talk about demographics in the country and what’s one of the largest growing ones? Single women. So as a party consulting winning strategies, one could at least see HOW they’re reaching the conclusion that abortion is no-win for the party.

    HOWEVER that doesn’t mean it’s the right play. From a natural selection standpoint, the party against abortion is much more likely to win than the competitor just by the consequences of outbreeding. Thus, what looks like a winning strategy in the short term, turns out to be a losing one in the long term, and that’s where I think the party leaders are really messing up. (well that, and not fighting obvious evil)

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