Gun-Owners: Almost as Dangerous as Doctors (But not Really)


All gun-related fatalities in the United States total less than 32,000. Over 60% of those are suicides which don’t really fit as well into the “guns are dangerous” narrative as homicides and accidents do. Either way, whether your number is 32,000 or 19,000 its still both proportionately and absolutely far smaller than accidental deaths per physician.

It makes me wonder, is the anti-gun movement about preserving human life or is it about assigning blame? Guns must be controlled because they are “designed to kill people.” In contrast, medical errors are accidents. But does this make them less deserving of our attention? Do you think it matters to the person who was killed whether or not it was an accident?

The fact remains that medical errors take a far more catastrophic toll on humanity than gun-violence does. So why do guns get so much more attention?


One thought on “Gun-Owners: Almost as Dangerous as Doctors (But not Really)

  1. Preposterously misleading. Modern medicine has increased life expectancies by decades, Americans owe no such debt to civilian ownership of semi-automatic weapons.

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