That Awkward Moment . . . When You Realize That the Cardinal Dolan Meme Does not Apply Only to the Other Guy

In response to Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s closing prayers at the Democrat and Republican National Conventions the following viral  image is making the rounds on facebook:

Now, since Cardinal Dolan said the closing prayer for both conventions and the above image does not specify which one that it is talking about interpretation is left to the viewer and, because most of my friends are conservative Catholics, everyone I know has interpreted it as directed towards the Democrats. And they are right; After all, Cardinal Dolan’s closing prayer at the DNC included the following

“Thus do we praise you for the gift of life. Grant us the courage to defend it, life, without which no other rights are secure. We ask your benediction on those waiting to be born, that they may be welcomed and protected.”

However, what many conservative Catholics don’t seem to consider is that this meme applies to the Republican party as well. When Cardinal Dolan prayed, “We ask for the grace to stand in solidarity with all those who suffer. May we strive to include your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, in the production and prosperity of a people so richly blessed.” He denounced Romney’s long history of acting on political expedience and leaving the disenfranchised out in the cold while helping the rich and powerful first just as much as he denounced Obama’s pro-abortion platform.

Catholic Republicans would do well to remember that the Democratic Party is not the root of all evil and that the Republican Party is not without blemish. Cardinal Dolan is not secretly on Romney and Ryan’s side or the side of the GOP. He is very publicly on the side of the Catholic Church and as Catholics we are called to follow our Cardinal’s example and do the same.

Cardinal Dolan is not a partisan Catholic who is “taking one for the team” in order to stick it to the Democrats. He is not trying to “beat Obama at all costs” like many Republican Catholics have demanded that I do without even stopping to consider what those costs might be. He is a non-partisan Catholic who stands up for life, liberty and virtue despite both parties’ rejection of all three in their own particular way. Cardinal Dolan sets an excellent example of being in the world of politics but not of it and it is an example that we as lay Catholics are called to follow.


NBC Wouldn’t Show Cardinal Dolan’s Closing Prayer at the DNC so I Will

Also, here is Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s closing prayer at the RNC:

We don’t need partisan Catholics who “take one for the team” or who concern themselves with furthering the “good of the party.” What we do need are non-partisan Catholics who can stand up for life, liberty and virtue without getting sucked into party special interests. Cardinal Dolan sets an excellent example of being in the world of politics but not of it.

The Scripted “Democracy” of the RNC

Video evidence that the RNC completely scripted their proceedings in order to ignore the hundreds of delegates who opposed Mitt Romney:

Ron Paul activist Mat Larson presents a non-comprehensive list of allegations being levied against the RNC:

And then of course there’s this piece from the New York Times:

“Delegates from Nevada tried to nominate Mr. Paul from the floor, submitting petitions from their own state as well as Minnesota, Maine, Iowa, Oregon, Alaska and the Virgin Islands. That should have done the trick: Rules require signatures from just five states. But the party changed the rules on the spot. Henceforth, delegates must gather petitions from eight states.”

Ron Paul probably did not have the popular support necessary to make him the official Republican candidate for President. He did, however, undoubtedly have the support necessary to be nominated. Our democratic principles demand a democratic process. They demand that every voice that speaks up be acknowledged and counted. Ron Paul deserved his shot at candidacy even if it was a futile one. More importantly, the American people deserve it: it is their due that all choices be given their due chance to be heard. Instead, the RNC, by deciding on the outcome beforehand and then changing the rules on the spot in order to ignore the opposition, has decided that it has the right to decide which choices we are allowed to pick from: if you don’t like Obama then you have to choose Romney; if you don’t like either, too bad. In effect, the GOP party leaders has made our choices for us.

In short, the GOP has abandoned all principle and instead has opted to operate solely on the tactics of political expedience and winning at all costs – including at the cost of their moral character and our liberty. I cannot in good conscience support any party that throws out principle so as to have a better chance of winning. That does not even represent the lesser of two evils: its just evil.

This is the state of our democracy; this is our inheritance. Our political establishment has lost its way. Its now up to those outside of the establishment to fight for the cause of liberty and virtue: the weak, the disenfranchised and, most especially, the young.

And America’s youth support Ron Paul: