The Scripted “Democracy” of the RNC

Video evidence that the RNC completely scripted their proceedings in order to ignore the hundreds of delegates who opposed Mitt Romney:

Ron Paul activist Mat Larson presents a non-comprehensive list of allegations being levied against the RNC:

And then of course there’s this piece from the New York Times:

“Delegates from Nevada tried to nominate Mr. Paul from the floor, submitting petitions from their own state as well as Minnesota, Maine, Iowa, Oregon, Alaska and the Virgin Islands. That should have done the trick: Rules require signatures from just five states. But the party changed the rules on the spot. Henceforth, delegates must gather petitions from eight states.”

Ron Paul probably did not have the popular support necessary to make him the official Republican candidate for President. He did, however, undoubtedly have the support necessary to be nominated. Our democratic principles demand a democratic process. They demand that every voice that speaks up be acknowledged and counted. Ron Paul deserved his shot at candidacy even if it was a futile one. More importantly, the American people deserve it: it is their due that all choices be given their due chance to be heard. Instead, the RNC, by deciding on the outcome beforehand and then changing the rules on the spot in order to ignore the opposition, has decided that it has the right to decide which choices we are allowed to pick from: if you don’t like Obama then you have to choose Romney; if you don’t like either, too bad. In effect, the GOP party leaders has made our choices for us.

In short, the GOP has abandoned all principle and instead has opted to operate solely on the tactics of political expedience and winning at all costs – including at the cost of their moral character and our liberty. I cannot in good conscience support any party that throws out principle so as to have a better chance of winning. That does not even represent the lesser of two evils: its just evil.

This is the state of our democracy; this is our inheritance. Our political establishment has lost its way. Its now up to those outside of the establishment to fight for the cause of liberty and virtue: the weak, the disenfranchised and, most especially, the young.

And America’s youth support Ron Paul:


Another Reason to End the War on Drugs

Ron Paul is perhaps one of the greatest opponents to the drug war and he’s been called every name in the book, including “crazy”, as a result. However, facts are fickle things and, time and again, the facts are on Ron Paul’s side. In the latest example experts validate Paul’s claim that the drug war is “very biased against minorities.”

Experts told that Paul’s claim that minorities are disproportionally affected by the “war on drugs” is basically correct.

“But the most important thing that we also know is that African Americans are not the majority of users of crack cocaine,” McCurdy said. “Although they are the majority of people who are sentenced under these unfair crack cocaine laws…White and Hispanics are the majority of users of crack cocaine.”

Additionally, McCurdy explained that in the federal system 51 percent of the people that are in federal prison today are in federal prison for drug charges and 40 percent of those are people of color.

“And often what happens is, African Americans are assumed to be drug dealers and whites are assumed to be drug users, and therefore whites often get drug treatment where Africans Americans get incarceration,” she said.

Statistics compiled by Law Enforcement Against Prohibition from the Department of Health and Human Services, the FBI, and U.S. Census Bureau show in 2010, African-Americans comprised 14.3 percent of drug users in the United States, but were 31.8 percent of those arrested for drug law violations.

“Another way to state the data is that black drug users are more than twice as likely to be arrested as white drug users,” said LEAP media director Tom Angell in an email.

Some experts like economist Walter Williams assert that the war on drugs is the only major reason that racism is still even an issue today in the United States. The evidence certainly supports his claim.

Follow The Money Trail: The Top Donors For Each Presidential Candidate

Reposted from The Daily Paul:

A Short Analysis of the Top Donors for each Presidential Candidate:

NOTE: These are individual donors, and don’t include super-PACS. When you make a political donation, you have to state what company you work for, and that is how this is compiled. These are not the companies themselves donating, but the individuals who work for those companies. For example, in 2008, people who work for Goldman Sachs, gave over $1 Million to Obama, and were his top donor. In 2012, Mitt Romney’s top donor, is, you guessed it, people who work for Goldman Sachs, at $575,000 and counting.

Also the lists provided are the top 20 donors for each candidate.

First I will make a few observations in regards to the numbers about each candidate, and then feel free to peruse the specifics, below:

Obama 2012:

In the $3,290,000 raised so far from the top 20 companies whose employees so far have made individual donations to Obama:

$560,000, or 17%, has come from technology firms;
$794,000, or 24%, has come from Big Academia;
$1,008,000, or 31%, has come from big lobbying firms.

Of course, these lobbyists, have the usual list of clients, you might expect, from all the “Bigs”.

This is extraordinary: Almost 1/3 of all the personal donations to Obama in this top 20 block, have come from lobbyists and their firms.

Remember his 2008 campaign about promising to end special interests?


Romney 2012:

In the $4,723,000 raised so far from the top 20 companies whose employees so far have made individual donations to Romney:

Fully $3,760,000 of that, or 80%…has come from Wall Street firms.

Of those top 20 firms whose employees have donated so far $4.72 Million, to Romney, those same firms received, in the 2008 bailouts stolen from the American taxpayer (which of course both Romney and Obama supported), an estimated $335 Billion dollars in bailout money!

Infused with $335 Billion of cash taken from the backs of taxpayers?? No wonder they are able to ‘afford’ to donate so much!

Ron Paul 2012:

In the $675,000 raised so far from the top 20 companies whose employees so far have made individual donations to Dr. Paul:

$157,000, or 24%, has come from technology firms;
$73,000, or 11%, has come from government contractors
$338,000, or 50%, has come from active duty military.

So, let me get this straight:

1) The biggest donors to Obama in 2008, were the Banksters.

2) The biggest donors to Obama in 2012, are lobbyists…for the Banksters.

3) The biggest donors to Mitt Romney in 2012, by a huge majority, are the Banksters…and the lobbyists who represent them.

4) The biggest donors to Ron Paul in 2012, fully 50% in this sample of the top 20, are from the United States active duty military. You know, the military guys and gals, who are throwing their support behind the guy who is supposedly so “weak” on foreign policy.

5) Go figure.


Here is the breakdown of all the top donors of the candidates (all data here courtesy of

Obama’s top donors:

Microsoft $348 K

DLA Piper $298 K
(International lobbying firm with clients from defense contractors like Raytheon to big pharma Pfizer to various health care / insurance firms)

U of California $262 K

Sidley Austin LLP $240 K
(Lobbying firm that has included many Big Pharma clients, as well as the Federal Reserve).

Google $212 K
Harvard $195 K
Comcast $181 K

Skadden Arps, et al $154 K
“Lobbyists working for Skadden, Arps represent some of the largest political players outside of elected office, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and U.S. Steel. And it’s the firm’s individual employees, as well as their immediate family members, who come out in droves for Democrats. Together, they routinely help the firm rank at the top of the lawyers and lobbyists industry in terms of campaign contributions.”

Morgan & Morgan $136 K
US Department of State $132 K
Time Warner $130 K

US Government $127 K
Stanford University $123 K
Kaiser Permanente $112 K

National Amusements, Inc $110 K
Columbia University $109 K
Mayer Brown, LLP $109 K
(Lobbying firm)

Wilmerhale LLP $107 K
(Lobbying firm)

Finally one of the many lobbying firms who are the top backers of Obama, willing to actually admit their clients.

Among Wilmerhale’s clients…are a good corporatist bunch:

Deutsche Bank
General Electric
Goldman Sachs
JP Morgan Chase
Millennium Pharmaceuticals
Morgan Stanley
Procter & Gamble

University of Chicago $105 K

Jones Day $100 K
(Lobbying firm)

ROMNEY 2012:

FIRST number: Top donors to Romney 2012.
SECOND number: How much bailout money those companies received in 2008:

Goldman Sachs $574 K $13 Billion
Bank of America $399 K $15 Billion
JP Morgan Chase $394 K $25 Billion
Morgan Stanley $374 K $107 Billion
Credit Suisse $318 K $500 Million
Citigroup $302 K $25 Billion

Kirkland & Ellis $249 K
(Lobbying firm whos clients include Big Pharma, Big Energy, Big Medical, and yes, you guessed it: Morgan Stanley, UBS, etc.)

Barclays $229 K $48 Billion

Coopers $209 K
(Accounting firm darling of Wall Street)

Wells Fargo $205 K $25 Billion

HIG Capital $191K

UBS AG $191 K $75 Billion

Blackstone Group $183 K
Bain Capital $149 K
Marriot International $133 K
EMC Corp $129 K

Citadel Investment
Group $128 K $1 Billion

Elliot Management $118 K
Deloitte LLP $125 K
(Accounting firm with clients such as Morgan Stanley and Monsanto)

Bain & Co $123 K

Top donors to Ron Paul 2012:

US Army $108 K
US Air Force $84 K
US Navy $84 K
Google $42 K
US Dept. of Defense $34 K
Microsoft $29 K
US Marine Corps $28 K
Boeing $27 K
IBM Corporation $27 K
Lockheed Martin $24 K
Northrop Grumman $22 K
Intel Corporation $21 K
US Government $21 K
Rangingwire Enterprise
Solutions $20 K
Corriente Advisors $20 K
Oracle Corporation $18 K
Verizon $17 K
US Postal Service $17 K
FedEx Corp $16 K
AT&T $16 K

May 27, 2012

P.S. Have a meaningful Memorial Day…and remember the fallen, please.

Data taken from Great website!

Ron Paul wins all of Maine’s GOP delegates

Ron Paul has won Louisiana, Minnesota, Iowa, Nevada, Missouri, Washington and now we can add Maine to the list. Ron Paul needed to win delegate majorities in five states in order to be on the ballot come the GOP convention; now he has seven and his campaign is only gaining more momentum from here.


The Huffington Post has the story and while it reports that Ron Paul has merely won the majority of delegates at 21 out of 24 remember that of the other three, one is the state chairman and the other two are national committee members. So, at this point in time Ron Paul has won all of the available delegates in Maine.

Ron Paul Revolution: How the Media Sees What it Wants

Ron Paul is winning state delegate majorities and is getting massive turnouts at rallies:

. . . and yet there’s been nothing but radio silence from the mainstream media on this phenomenon. Many disgruntled Americans have gone so far as to resort to conspiracy theories in an attempt to explain the MSM’s behavior – and considering the massive amount of existing evidence of the media’s blatant bias I cannot say that I blame them.

But I don’t believe in any nationwide media conspiracy. I believe that the mainstream media is astoundingly biased and largely incompetent but I think that the reason Ron Paul gets so little coverage is because big media outlets only see what they want or expect to see. Robin Koerner explains:

To those who care about such things, the silence of the media about the extraordinary events around Ron Paul’s campaign is deafening.

Some see conspiracy. I don’t. I see the expected reaction to a paradigm shift — a complete change in the concepts we use to make sense of our politics and culture.

An excellent illustration of the power of a “paradigm” is the Perceptions of Incongruity experiment that was conducted at Harvard in 1949.

In this experiment, subjects were shown playing cards and asked to call out what they saw. They would consistently identify the cards correctly. After a while, however, the experimenters would slip in “incongruous cards” in which the colors red and black were switched, such as black hearts or diamonds and red clubs or spades.

What did the subjects see when shown those incongruous cards? They did not see the incongruous cards, but normal playing cards — the cards they were expecting to see, without noticing the incongruity. For example, when shown a black six of hearts, they might call out simply “six of hearts” or “six of spades” — neither of which was correct. The subjects didn’t misunderstand or misinterpret anything — they actually misperceived something according to the paradigm in which they were operating — in this case, “the playing card paradigm,” comprising everything they already knew (wrongly) about the cards they were looking at.

Subjects continued to fail to notice the incongruous cards. Eventually, they would exhibit a physiological reaction of discomfort, knowing that something was wrong, but not being conscious of what. Only when they had been forced to look at many incongruous cards for very long times did they “get” what was going on and see what they were looking at. Suddenly, they realized that “the playing card paradigm” did not apply. They finally knew that reality included non-traditional cards. They thus adopted a new paradigm (that included black hearts etc.), and thereafter saw what was in front of their eyes.

Read more

The “Inevitable” Candidate not so Inevitable

Ron Paul wins the majority of delegates in both Iowa and Minnesota.

Thousands rally for every one of Ron Paul’s speeches in Texas.

Ron Paul beats Romney in raising campaign funds in at least 10 states.

Rally in Austin, Texas


Thousands of chanting, cheering supporters flooded the University of Texas campus to show Ron Paul some love Thursday night, undaunted by the prospect that the Texas congressman is a long shot for the GOP presidential nomination.

There is more to winning than victory at the polls, Paul told the crowd, which broke into occasional chants of “President Paul.”

“I’m convinced a revolution is going on. It is an intellectual revolution,” Paul said.

“It is going to be difficult, but it is always glorious to have success. And we will have success,” he said. “Regardless of what happens next week, next month, November — the spirit of this revolution is not going away.”

Mitt Romney will most likely be the nominee but that doesn’t mean we should make it easy for him. Most Ron Paul supporters aren’t so short-sighted as to believe that this is merely about the primary. This is about a revolution and Paul’s supporters are in it for the long-haul.

Is There a Doctor in the House?

As my graduation from Franciscan University approaches blogging has been, and will continue to be, scarce so here’s an article reposted from the Daily Paul:

Here is a Facebook commentary from Adrian Murry, a Rick Santorum supporter and Ft. Worth tea party leader, who recently attended a Ron Paul event in Ft. Worth, TX:

…I have spoken before a lot of groups in the last several years as we have all grappled with the seeming dissolution of our country. I have half-jokingly said on many of these occasions that the other side doesn’t really have to defeat us politically, they just have to wait for us all to die off so they can implement their plans. My point has been that the greatest issue facing the conservative cause is a demographical one, a lack of diversity that will shortly render the conservative message irrelevant. Where are the youth? I and others have asked. Where are the people of color? Why doesn’t the conservative message resonate?

The answer to where they are could be found last night at the Will Rogers Auditorium. Often at political events there is a sense of excitement, anticipation, a certain buzz in the audience while waiting for the main event. Excitement, anticipation and buzz are weak and inadequate words to describe the pre-rally crowd last night. Energy is even inadequate. What undulated through the thousands who thronged outside before the doors opened last night was a kinetic power, the power of hope, the power of liberation, the power of anger at a system turned upside down, the power of liberation and, yes, the ultimate and emancipating power of freedom. You had to be there to understand it.

Once inside, for the only time in my politically active life, I was transported to a world I had not seen before. There was enough energy in that room to power a skyscraper. Teenagers, college students, whites, Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, middle-aged, elderly, every racial, ethnic, socio-economic, cross cultural ingredient of the American melting pot was there. The auditorium was a cauldron of American citizens who understand and have grasped the true nature of the tyranny which has befallen this nation, a conflagration, if you will, of passion and anger and joy and determination. This is where the fire starts this time. The eruption when Mr. Paul took the stage was deafening…

What exactly is our national security securing? Certainly not our liberty. We have been sacrificing ever larger chucks of our liberty to the gods of security for decades now and in the interests of securing our liberty have given it all away. Go to an airport if you want to witness the loss of liberty in all its glorious humiliation. One wonders if we actually were taken over by another power and our Constitution dismantled what exactly could they do to restrict our movements, monitor our activities and control our actions that would be any worse or oppressive than what our own government is doing right now?

This part of Mr. Paul’s message, if I have interpreted it correctly, is what resonates with me. All the other things pale in contrast to our becoming a nation of slaves.

So what did I come away with last night? It can be captured in one picture. Before Mr. Paul was introduced, part of his family took the stage: his wife, one of his sons, a smattering of cousins, nieces and nephews. That picture tells us all we need to know. They are us. They weren’t pulled from central casting, exquisitely coifed and finely tailored, prepped and ready for the cameras. No. They are a family. They are us….

America is on the brink of flatlining.

Which logically only leads to one question:

Is there a doctor in the house?

Which logically only leads to one answer:

Ron Paul 2012